Top Attractions

When you are out to look after the top attractions there are in Lisbon you would for sure be amazed of the numbers you will find there, making you uncertain among which you have to go to first. What you have to think to do better is to list down in possible order those attractions that are said to belong to the topmost, and which among these may go well with your plan to take a day long or a weeklong tour of Lisbon’s magical attractions.

The most valued attractions of Lisbon are Jeronemos Monastery,  a church built in the 1500s as a part of a magnificent monastery, having cloisters that are considered the most beautiful in the world; Belem Tower, which is a symbol of the Age of Discovery and which is the city’s icon, and built during the early 1500s; St. George’s Castle, inside of which is a small archaeological museum, and from its millennium-old walls you can have a bird’s-eye-view of the city in the company of roaming peacocks; Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, which housed the world finest private art collections from the East and west including works by Rembrandt, Rubens, Monet and Rene; Bernardo Museum, with Europe’s greatest modern art collections by Andy Warhol, Picasso, and Dali that was put together by Portuguese millionaire; Ancient Art Museum’s fascinating Oriental and European art that consist the collection of Portugal’s “National Gallery” illustrating Portugal’s links with Asia and Africa; Tile Museum,  showcases ancient art form of decorative ceramic tiles in a lavish old convent and belonged to the top 10 tiled attractions of the century; The Golden Baroque Trio’s largest collection of royal carriages which are housed in Coach Museum and in its two other golden baroque attractions, the Sao Roque Church which is home to the world’s most expensive chapel and Santa Catarina Church, one  of the city’s most magnificent interiors; Design and Fashion Museum, one of the world’s leading design and fashion museums; and, Oceanarium, where you can find an odyssey of sea creatures swim together in a state-of-the art building.

This list of the topmost attractions is going to be very helpful in your travel and tour plan. With it you can start to locate your possible itinerary according to the length of time you wish to stay in Lisbon. Likewise, this may even allow you to extend your time to the 10 best day trips to have in Lisbon: Sintra, Evora, Obidos, Cascais, Estoril, Queluz, Mafra, Arrabida, Setubal, and Ericeira.