Lisbon is the capital city and largest city of Portugal, with a population of approximately 542,259 according to the latest census dated December 9th 2011. Many visitors have described this metropolis as busy and crowded. Being an Alpha City and center for finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, international trade, education, and tourism in Portugal, it is expected that the Lisboetas’s lifestyle is  up-to-beat and demanding. Even so, they are welcoming and friendly people making Lisbon more interesting to discover and a magnetic destination for tourists.

Lisboetas love gathering and celebrations. This is the reason why they love to host events and hold festivals and party all throughout the year. Generally, they are easy going and fun spirited people. As matter of fact, Palo Alto is always full-packed at night as it is the city’s center of nightlife with various restaurants and bars. It is where you can experience melancholic traditional Portuguese music is commonly heard and the city’s gastronomic delights are served. You will also surely enjoy bar hopping to the cobbled alleys with the locals.

Moreover, there are a lot of celebrated Lisboetas throughout history and up to the present times. They are reputed because their remarkable contributions to the fields of art, politics, literature and many more throughout the country and the world. One of them would be Paula Rego, a painter who skillfully depicts folk tales of Portugal through her artistic works. She utilizes oil and acrylic paint and makes excellent collage. Paula Rego’s pastel sketches are one of the greatest specimens of her collection. The ‘Dog Woman’ and ‘Dancing Ostriches’ have been widely acclaimed.

Another one would be Miguel Esteves Cardoso, a contemporary writer, a critic, journalist and even a translator. He is a known as the director of ‘The Independent’, a popular weekly, making him a pillar to the world of journalism and reporting.

Portuguese literature also got benefits from the people of Lisbon. There are several writes poets and journalists hailing from the city as well. Among them would be António Vieira, an eminent writer of Portuguese prose in 17th century. He was also a remarkable Jesuit orator, a missionary, a preacher, a statesman and also a diplomat.