Upper Quarter Lisbon, Portugal (Bairro Alto)

Bairro Alto is located near Chaido in the center of Portugal’s capital of Lisbon. This part of Lisbon has one of the biggest European shopping malls. Cafe Versailles, a popular cafe in the city, is close to the Anastacio Gonçaves Museum. Some of the oldest houses are from the 16th century. These houses in Lisbon are tall and thin with three stories, small windows, and balconies. By the middle of the 17th century, citizens built more symmetrical and sturdy housing. The 19th century saw even more symmetry and function buildings rather than architecture built for style. This was to make them better suited to withstand earthquakes.

Lisbon Barrio Alto (Upper Quarter)

Lisbon’s Upper Quarter region is a sight to behold and better to live in. It is very similar to Montmatre in Paris where life and leisure combine. Both are the site for lavish culture and tourism and have a long-lived historical background like most European cities. Bairro Alto and Montmatre each have churches that no tourist trip would be without. There are São Roque and Carmo Church in Bairro Alto and the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur and Saint-Pierre in Montmatre. These areas are prime real estate for hotels, restaurants, shops, and even government buildings for ambassadors to show foreigners the best that each country has to offer and make their stay as comfortable as possible.

One of the main draws for Bairro Alto and Montmatre is the diversity in architecture. Along with Lisbon’s history, Montmatre has architectural influence from Prussia, Russia, and the Americas that it gained throughout the years at war. However, it acquired its architectural diversity in the 18th and 19th centuries rather than earlier like Bairro Alto. At night is when Bairro Alto and Montmatre really shine when nightclubs and unique stores bring in crowds. Artists feel write at home in these classy parts of major cities. They are places for creative minds to spread their wings and experiment with their work.

Montmatre and Bairro Alto share similar characteristics but both also have their own cultural uniqueness. Tourists looking to soak up the high life in Europe should think about visiting both districts of these different cities.

The best way to visit Barrio Alto is by foot, so you can enjoy the most its peculiar streets and architecture. Once you’ve arrived in Lisbon’s city center, just take the Santa Justa Lift to get there in a few minutes (it’s a tram/ elevator that go up directly to Barrio Alto). If you’re arriving by plane, you can take a normal taxi to go to the city center or a more sophisticate Lisbon airport taxi, like the one offered by TaxiLeader. The driver will wait for you at the exit with your name on a card, and then take you from the airport to any address in Lisbon, including Barrio Alto, but the Santa Justa Lift is a worthy experience if you want to discover this authentic part of the city.