Lisbon is one of the busiest and oldest capitals in the world. It has a very active port and which used to launch ships in the age of discovery to discover the far- east and is still one of the center of trades in all of Europe.

The fact that the city has been flourishing in its existence since the early 1200s is one of the reasons that lures a huge amount of visitors to this fantastic city. Lisbon does not only have a rich history and culture but it also has several other things to offer any visitor looking for a relaxing vacation. If you’re a tourist in Lisbon and you have a week of vacation in this marvelous city then here are some of things that you might do.

First off you can explore the old city. You can travel back through time and walk through the seven hills of Lisbon immersing you in the historical and monumental things that are within the city.  Head to Alfama which is the o’ldest neighborhood in the city and witness the influence of the Moors in the city’s architecture.

Next on the trip to history lane would be a trip to the different museums in the city.  The Belem district would satisfy this part of your journey since most of the notable museums are in this area. The district has the Cultural center of Belem which has a collection of paintings and sculptures from artist such as Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock. Another would be the Museo da Marinha which features the history and popular dominance of Portugal in the seas during the age of discovery.

After that you might want to visit Castelo de Sao Jorge situated atop the tallest hill in Lisbon and gives you a breath taking view of the city and the different architectural wonders of it which includes the longest bridge in all of Europe the “Ponte Vasco da Gama” which connects the opposite sides of  the river Tagus and was designed by the very same architect of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

After going through all the monuments, and museums you could spend the last remaining days of your week working on your tan, surfing or just enjoying the sand at the captivating long beaches of Cascais you can get there by riding the ailway that links Lisbon to Cascais two of the popular beaches are  Praia da Conceição and Praia da Rainha these are just 30 minutes away from the capital.