Lisbon is famous for its undeniably beautiful architectures. It is perfect place where you will be able to appreciate variety of architectural styles from different centuries and breathtaking sceneries brought by beautiful monuments, churches and other top attractions. Other than all these, Lisbon is remarkable because it also offers a different dimension with its theatres.

When you are in Lisbon and you need something that  will relax you, going  to theatres is definitely one good thing  to do. Theatres magically brings you to a fantasy world where we need  not  to worry  about  anything. We just  need to sit there and allow  ourselves to be moved by the scenes carefully portrayed by the  performers. Here’s a guide to Lisbon Theatres:

Teatro  Nacional de Sao Carlos. It is a 201 year-old building opened on July 30, 1793 by Queen Maria I as a replacement for the Tejo Opera House that was destroyed by an earthquake on 1755. The famous Jose de Costal  e Silva  designed it with an inspiration from two  exceptional architectural work, the La Scala in Milan and the San Carlo in Naples. Operas are performed from September to June , as well  as concerts  and ballets.  The theatre is located in the historical center of Lisbon, in the Chiado district.

Address: Rua Serpa Pinto 9 Lisbon, Portugal
Telephone: 21-348-84-08


The Centro Cultural de Belem. This theater is located in the civil parish of Santa Maria de Belém and also the largest building with cultural facilities in the whole country. It played a lot of shows more than any other theatres in Lisbon. Other than opera, ballet, symphony concerts and events being held here, it also provides spaces for conferences, exhibitions and other artistic venues, in addition to political and research congresses.

Address: Praço do Império Lisbon, Portugal
Telephone: 21-361-24-00
Schedule: Performances Matinee 5pm, Evening 9pm

The Teatro ABC and the Teatro de Trinade. Both theaters offers   fantastic entertainment worth remembering.

Teatro ABC:

Address:  Parque Mayer 1200 – Lisboa Lisbon, Portugal
Telephone: 21 346 67 45
Schedule: Mon. – Fri.: 9.30-12.00/14.30-18.00 Sat. 9.30-12.00hr

Teatro da Trindade:

Address: R. Nova Trindade, 9 1200 – Lisboa Lisbon, Portugal
Telephone:  21 342 32 00

Teatro la Comedia. For those who wants to laugh this theater will be the perfect place  to go. It’s the place where you can forget your troubles and laugh your hearts out.

Address: R. S. Francisco Borga, 24 1200 – Lisboa Lisbon, Portugal
Telephone: 21 60 72 99