There is a great deal to look for in the museums of Lisbon as they contain rich collections of ancient artifacts made to last to represent an ancient history that we continue to live by until today. Indeed, it will be self-enriching to look back in a past that has contributed so much to where we are at present. This is the reason why the museums of Lisbon deserve our attention and visits. Every museum has each their unique living testimony, story or manifestation to share to those who go to see them.

When we are out to explore Lisbon’s museums it is the only time we can know that we are in a place in time of one of the most ancient city in the world. This gives us the idea that the museums in Lisbon are all worth visiting. Yet, this shall also lead us to first find out some facts which make each really alluring or tempting, and where we can locate them.

Among the famous museums have to be, The Belem Cultural Center is where you can find four exhibition areas divided into three parts in which the first part is dedicated to objects that came from France and Italy, the second reflects the post-war period, and the third came about during the reconstruction of Europe, and a Design Museum that exhibits interesting collections in design and photography, architecture and plastic arts, this also showcases the Francisco Capelo collection that represents the themes of luxury, pop, and cool. The Design Museum houses 200 pieces of collection arranged in a way that it tells about the evolution of the concept of design in the 20th century.

Another is the National Tile Museum that can be found in the Convent of Madre de Deus, which started to exist since 1509 is covered with Baroque paintings, carving and tiles. The collections in this museum virtually speak for the entire history of the tile since the second half of the 15th century to the contemporary use of the same at present. The 23 meters long mannerist retable of Nossa Senhora da Vida and the Lisbon panel that were left of the 1755 earthquake are well exhibited here. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday except during national holidays.

Also, the National Museum of Ancient Art with collections that dates back from the Middle-Ages to the 20th century. It is here where European art works, decorative art pieces, paintings, sculpture, jewelry, furniture, ceramics, textiles, and excellent collection of ornamental objects from Africa, India, China and Japan, can be viewed. Its location at the street of Janelas Verdes in Santos o Velho is overlooking the Tagus River. The museum is close on national holidays and Mondays but, opens every Tuesday to Sunday.

There are many other museums that are likewise as valuable in having kept ancient collections that are so memorable of the past history,  and even of the contemporary Portuguese arts design built through the years, of not just Lisbon but of Portugal in the whole.