Travelers are often concerned about gaining weight while on vacation. But, a hilly city like Lisbon you can be sure to burn plenty of calories just by merely walking around or sightseeing. There are also fitness centres in Lisbon or Lisboa, with a variety of equipment available such as, saunas, solariums, weights, steam rooms and aerobic facilities for those who want to do some serious work out.


If you’re into a more hardcore bodybuilding gym this is it. This gym is well equipped with a large selection of dumbbells and plate loaded machines. They also have fitness classes like Martial arts, Jazz, dance, aerobics, and yoga.

Address: 329 R. de São Bento, Lisbon 1250, Portugal

Phone Number: 21 388 56 79

Academia Life Club

This is a very high tech gym; the staff are very friendly and helpful. Kit wise, it has everything. Weights wise there is every kind of leverage and machine system you can imagine, although not that many weights to use. They have a sun deck and you can take classes and do some training outdoors in front of the river. They also have well appointed swimming pools. There is a café on site which has a range of healthy foods and is not too expensive. You can also book massages and other physio treatments or use their Sauna or steam room.

Address: 1200-109 Rua da Cintura do Porto a Santos, Arm. J. Lisboa

Phone Number: 21 393 40 20 Web Site:

Ginásio Clube Português

Also a very well equipped fitness center. They have outdoor courts, and classes are held in huge studios which are comfortable. They also offer child care for those who are travelling with their children. They also have a sauna, massage and a restaurant.

Address:Largo do Ginasio Clube Portugues 1 Lisbon Lisboa 1250-111

Phone Number: 21 384 15 80 Web Site: If you’re the kind of person who enjoys jogging, the Docas de Santo Amaro in Lisbon is the perfect place to be. Here you can jog along the riverfront and burn some calories while enjoying the sight.