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When you are thinking of things to do in Lisbon you can go simply go for shopping, or nightlife, or tour to see the city’s top attractions. It also may be that your purpose is to find out what Lisbon has to offer for your kids. Or you may as also want to check out the other good things like their gastronomy, architecture, museums and restaurants. Here’s a guide to help you find things and places that will surely complete your visit to Lisbon.

Gastronomy. Having been among the early explorers of the world Portuguese brought rare spices home and went to have modified their native dishes with these. Later, on the days of the so called New World more and more spices that include tomatoes, potatoes, kidney beans, turkey, and avocados were introduced to Portugal. This is probably what had caused their love of food which is in a manner the wealth and spirit of Portugal, something for us to explore.

Architecture. The city of Lisbon is rich in architecture. It is also crossed with Greek boulevard and monuments particularly in the upper districts and is set in 7 hills with its cobble stones pavements in narrows streets with full of art novo cafes. It houses colorful 18th century squares downtown and and the medieval maze of the alpama district overlooked by the ancient castle. Lisbon has strong links in the past, renovated palaces, magnificent churches and magestic castle near the city’s rich cultural heritage. It is a magnificent blend of neighborhood; culture and architecture distinguish this capital city uniquely from the other European capitals and make it a truly fascinating and comprehensive city to visit.

Museum. There is a great deal to look for in the museums of Lisbon as they contain rich collections of ancient artifacts made to last to represent an ancient history that we continue to live by until today. Indeed, it will be self-enriching to look back in a past that has contributed so much to where we are at present. This is the reason why the museums of Lisbon deserve our attention and visits. Every museum has each their unique living testimony, story or manifestation to share to those who go to see them.

Restaurants. Portuguese’s love for food has made restaurants in Lisbon really flourished. This led towards the fast growth of the business with more colonials coming from Brazil, Mozambique and Goa, putting up restaurants to compete with Europe’s best. This is really made convenient for restaurant goers in the city. Their choice can range from restaurants that serve menus of local to international dishes, drinks and appetizers.

There are a lot more things to do in Lisbon. Let us go further into details of descriptions and facts of the places where you can possibly go with your kids, and of places to see museums, landscape and architecture, restaurants, and where Portuguese food and cuisine are open on the other sections of this travel guide.